INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter, Red & Black

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The INNOVA 3320 is an Auto-Ranging Multimeter designed to accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems. The auto-ranging scales eliminate the need to dial in the correct range when making electronic measurements. The 10 MegOhm input is safe for automotive and household uses (i. e., household outlets, fuses, wiring, general-purpose batteries, vehicle battery and charging system, automotive circuits and more). The color-coded LEDs allow you to quickly check household batteries (green = good, yellow = weak and red = replace). Includes attachable test leads, holders and stand for hands free use and features protective rubber corner guards for drop protection. The INNOVA 3320 has a single setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage.
Auto-ranging scales automatically selects correct measurement range and eliminate the need to dial in the correct range when making electronic measurements
Features large digital display and color coded LED’s to easily check the charge status of batteries
Single-setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage
10 MegOhm input impedance; safe for electrical and automotive use; prevents damage to the vehicle’s ECU

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