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” These versatile multimeters feature true-RMS AC voltage and current measurement for accurate reading on all waveforms Models 177 and 179 feature backlit displays. The backlight function automatically turns off after two minutes to save battery life. Model 179 also measures temperature in C and F. Power-up options for Models 177 and 179 include disabling the backlight time out. Meter is housed in a high-impact overmold case with built-in probe holder slots. An easy-access battery door allows battery change without breaking the calibration seal. The 6000 count digital display updates four times per second and the 33-segment analog bargraph display updates 40 times per second. Meters feature hold and auto-hold functions. The hold function freezes the display, and auto-hold function holds the present reading until it detects new stable input, then the meter beeps and displays the new reading. Measurement modes include minimum, maximum, and average. Power-up options include turning on all LCD segments, disabling the beeper, disabling the sleep mode, and enabling smoothing. Meters feature manual or auto-ranging functions. In auto-range the meter selects the range with the best resolution for the present measurement value. Meters also feature fast continuity/open detection as the beeper sounds with a stretched pulse for opens or shorts as brief as 250s. “
Multimeter with Backlit Display and Temperature Measurement Capability

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